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The Office Livin' FAQ
Why Physicists Can't Fight
Online World Economy
My involvement with Planeshift
Open Source on Win32
Why are users and developers seperate?
My contribution to the BSD vs GPL debate
It's all about scarcity.. most of it artificial.
Definition: voyeurware.
Definition: virtual squatting / vsquat.
An issue I had with Cygwin/X with solution
How to sign a Firefox Extension by Frederic Mercille in response to a comment I made on Slashdot.
The freedom we have to decompile computer programs in Australia.
A Humble Apology to Eric S. Raymond
Gettin' trolled good on Slashdot.
A chat I had with Michael K Edwards about copyright, the GPL and his conspiracy theory.
Is John Carmack on crack?
A page about the cola I drink.
This is what I think of Global Warming.
An article about software maintenance and prototype based languages I wrote a number of years ago.
Hear about all these exoplanets the astronomers are finding?
How can we get to the Moon cheaper? Why go?
John Carmack rants at a paper study advocate.
Ever noticed something doesn't smell right about Robert Zubrin?
How I think biohacking without a wet lab might be possible.


Tcpsafe (an app for monitoring network connections on Windows)
A graphical debugger for the Io programming language.
GTK+ bindings for the Io programming language.
A hack to gnome-terminal to allow you to specify a geometry in your profile (e.g., geometry="80x24", you need to add it yourself with gconf-editor)
A function level tracing tool
Proxy Support for Poker.com (now "Carbon Poker")
Develop Open Source Qt apps using Microsoft Visual Studio
Run arbitary executables with Firefox
Trivial and not-so-trivial port forwarding for Windows
A CSS/HTML/Javascript Flashcard program I wrote
A program for watching file descriptors on linux
A utility I wrote to convert 3ds files to Ogre format
A utility for monitoring what your browser (and other programs) is pulling from or posting to the web.
A hand written C parser I wrote.
A USB flash drive virus I wrote.
Jumping sudo using ptrace.
A DTMF recognition training utility.
A command line utility to inject a dll into a running process on Windows.
An example of how to stop a debugger from attaching to your program on win32.
Tetris in javascript.
Custom camera code I wrote.
A simple rocket equation calculator.

Reverse Engineering

Decompilation of a GPL binary
the X-Wing Mission Information (XWI) file format.
Syndicate (a cool game from 1993)
A test harness for the nv-kernel.o binary blob.
I've made Freelancer play in a window


My mate Jeune's music
A cyberpunk story I wrote around 1995.
A scary picture of how I lived before I met my wife (actually 1998).
In some countries, this will get you killed.
"something something something dark side" - I just think this is piss funny.
About 90 minutes of cut scenes from the game Enter The Matrix (175MB AVI)
My EeePC battery tests
Design Of Liquid Propellant Rocket Engines (1971 version).
Into The Cosmos by KaiYves, NASA fan fiction set in the Marvel universe (no, really, it's good).
My notes on Deep Belief Networks
I once installed Mac OS X Tiger on VMware Server
A FORTRAN to Javascript compiler.. very specifically targeted at the NAIF SPICE library.

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