[A house on fire]
Al Gore says "The house is on fire!!"
The pundits say "That
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Everyone complains about the weather but no-one ever does anything about it.

The cause of the fire is something it'd be nice to know, but it doesn't prevent us from putting it out.

Unfortunately the "debate" has caused many people to adopt a "wait and see" attitude. Of course, when sea levels rise dramatically or any of the other doomsday predictions of global warming start to play out, these same people will be the first to demand action, and by then the only action possible may be to make your peace with whichever deities you worship.

I said this around 2008. Here's some other comments I said around then.

I'm really not interested to hearing fucktards pretending they know better than all the environmental researchers on the planet. Global warming is real, if you can't see that, fuck off to your conspiracy theory website. The only "debate" is over whether or not humans are responsible.. which is the point of this little graphic - while we're debating whether or not we're responsible for the fire, the house is burning to the ground. What we should be doing is working out how to put the fire out.

If you want to make a point other than that, piss off to your own damn web site. If, on the other hand, you want to discuss *that point* then I invite your reply.

It's now 2015, seven years later, and I look back on these words with dismay. I now believe that climate change is an overblown concern. Why? Do I think the climate scientists are wrong and now I know better? Not at all. What happen since 2008 is that I actually started listening to what the scientists were saying and stopped listening to what the alarmists are saying. The alarmists have also started listening to what the scientists are saying and, surprise surprise, they don't think they're alarmed enough.

I wonder what my opinion on climate change will be like in another 7 years.