Open Source Software On Win32

Recently (Dec 2004) there's been some outspoken people saying that Free Software applications on win32 and other proprietary platforms is a bad thing. Well I'm outspoken, so here's my opinion.

People should switch to GNU/Linux because they value their freedom, not because there's more apps, or because the TCO is lower. If they switch because of these secondary reasons they will be nothing but a burden on Free Software. These people are the ones who are after a free lunch and frankly, we have enough trouble feeding each other without feeding them too. So how is Free Software on win32 a good thing then? Porting Free Software to win32 is a cheap way to give users the opportunity to experience freedom for themselves. They can directly compare their freedom to copy, modify and distribute Free Software to the tyranny of most closed source alternatives. Then they can make the choice to switch for the right reasons and be a productive member of our community.

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