Proxy Support for

I occasionally like a game of Poker and I find have one of the richest clients for Windows. Unfortunately, they don't provide a means to connect to their servers via an SSL proxy, which means I can't play at work. Well, no longer!

Simply run the client, let it get to the "Connecting to Server..." or "Not Connected" state and run Proxy. Enter your SSL proxy details (ip address and port) and click the "Attach to Client". You should see something like this:

   attached to process 3180
   proxied connection to
   proxied connection to

and the will now prompt you to log in. You need to keep Poker Proxy open as the client tends to reconnect often. Enjoy!

p.s., This uses some nasty tricks involving the debugging api. If it toasts your machine or you lose money as a result of using it, I take no responsibility. You can browse the source if you want to know precisely what it does.



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