Why are diamonds so expensive? Because they are rare? They sure are, why is that? Oh, cause there's people who control the supply. What caused that recent spike in oil prices? Same thing. Why is software so expensive? Same thing. If the price can float, then the people who control the production can jack up the price. The only thing that stops most producers is competition. This is easily overcome by collusion. Where there is bodies that prohibit that collusion, we see markets. Where those bodies have been corrupted, we see price gouging. When those bodies start to actively sanction or require collusion, we see monopolies. There is no greater requirement for collusion than copyright - a law that requires everyone to maintain artifical scarcity, because everyone is a potential producer of goods that can be copied. By 2040 we may have a machine that can copy physical objects. Will we continue to require active collusion by everyone in society to feed our primitive obsession with scarcity? Or will we throw off these shackles and create heaven on earth?

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