Robert Zubrin is a worm.

"Okay. Of course, there's the lunar base, the lunar tollbooth. Okay. The previous Administration in announcing the vision of President Bush said we've got to go to the Moon because we can launch from the Moon easier than from the Earth, and, indeed, you can. But before you launch a spacecraft from the Moon you have to get to the Moon, and the Delta V required to go from low Earth orbit to the lunar surface is greater than that to go from low Earth orbit to the surface of Mars.

So even if there was a lunar Cape Canaveral in place right now and they were making propellant and giving it away for free to anyone who would stop by, it still would not make any sense to go to the Moon." - Washington DC, August 5th, 2009.

Uhhhhhhhh... Ya think maybe you missed something in diagram Bob? I'll give you a hint:

You have to know this, you've got a PhD in Astronautics don't ya? What's that? Masters degree? Oh ok, still, you're qualified and that's no mistake. So what? So you lied on the public record.

If anyone listens to anything Robert Zubrin has to say ever again, they are a fool.

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